Local Industry Analysis


Do your employees love working for your company, but their biggest concern is their salary? Are you afraid that you might be missing out on some great employees because you’re unsure if you are paying appropriately? Do you know that you are paying the most competitive compensation in line with your local competition? 

At Locken Consulting we can help you conduct a detailed local industry compensation analysis. This will ensure that you stay competitive by being able to retain top talent. We will also help you create compensation benchmarks and salary ranges for each position.

Payroll Services


Payroll Processing

If you are a small company but want someone  else to process your payroll, we at Locken Consulting can help.

Payroll Software

Are you not satisfied with your current payroll provider? Locken Consulting can conduct a needs assessment for your company and then research providers to find the best ROI for you. 

We can find payroll providers who will only provide payroll resources for you or who can add other services to free up your time.