Talent Acquisition

It's more than filling a position...


If you are like many companies, this is what your recruitment and selection process looks like.

  • Recognizing a need - Someone quit or is about too, if you don't hire more workers
  • Putting out an ad - Do you usually use a Craigslist ad that states the specifics of the position. You may branch out and use the free Indeed posting.
  • Review resumes - You stop looking as soon as you find one that kind of matches your basic requirements.
  • Interview - The applicant shows up on time and seems to know the position.
  • Selection  - Based upon the prior salary history of the applicant, you either match or go a little higher than the salary at the last position.

We see this process differently.  Before an ad is placed, we review your culture to make sure we find the best candidate for your company.  Then we look at your staffing.  We want to know if there is another employee who would fit this position better than their current position?  Is there someone who you can promote and instead hire for an entry level position?  

When an opening has been determined, we make sure your job ad matches not only your needs, but your culture.  We want to find the candidates that want to work for you, not just find a job.

We can do all the interviewing and selection and give you the best candidate, or we can work on a process where you are an integral part of each step.