Employee Relations

Creating & Maintaining Culture

Your company has a culture whether you choose it, or not.  Create the culture that you really want for your company.

Training & Development

Keep your employees up to date in all areas of your company, and with new  laws and requirements. Trainings can help with executive coaching, benefit understanding, and requirements of each position.

Strategic Policy Creation

Employee handbooks are the bedrock of your company's policies and processes.  Does your handbook reflect how you really respond to different situation?  Do you even have a handbook? Do your employees have access to it?

Discipline & Terminations

Most conversations are not hard.  It is  just talking.  Sometimes, a hard conversation is in order.  But really these too are just talking.  Make sure you are ready to have the conversations that keep your business running.

Leaves of Absences

FMLA, FMA, Personal Leave of Absence, Maternity Leave, Paternity Leave, Military Leave, Sick Leave.  What does it all mean?

Harassment & Investigations

Investigations use a non-biased source to  listen to all sides of a story and bring forth a detailed compilation of those involved, and include a recommendation for proceeding. 

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